We started of in 2002 by researching and developing our own highly advance natural skincare range after realising a gap in the market for affordable yet a really effective skincare products in South Africa.

In late 2006 we sold our first product to the public and  our clients was extremely impressed with the product and the results  on their skins were immediate. Some of our clients changed their skincare brand from very expensive European brands to the exclusive Dramatica Skincare range. All our advertisements were done by word of mouth.

More and more individuals/businesses started approaching us for personalized skincare brands. We had some that just wanted to rebrand and then some that wanted something exclusive.


Since then we have expanded to also doing body products, ointments, muscle rub, body lotions with sun block, insect repellents, barrier creams etc.. We have since decided to separate the businesses and started a department that only concentrate on developing and manufacturing for customers.

Dramatica will distribute our in house brands to customers and distributers.


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