Cleansing gel – Light foaming face wash that cleanses your skin without leaving a dry sensation. Natural foaming properties. Ideal for oily/combination skin types

Cleansing Milk – Cleanse skin while gently moisturise skin without leaving an oily residue. Ideal for slight dry or combination skin types

Cleansing Cream – Cleanser that provides extreme moisture and nourishment for very dry skin



Camphor mask – Minimise pores, stabilize sebum production

Honey Mask – Nourish skin, sooth sensitivity

Mask with honey and ash – Minimise pores, sooth sensitive skin, stabilize sebum production, Nourish skin


EYE Products

Eye gel – Soften fine lines and wrinkles, tighten, increase blood flow to decrease dark circles and bags, perfect for combination and oil skin types

Eye Cream - Soften fine lines and wrinkles, tighten, increase blood flow to decrease dark circles and bags, perfect for dry skin types

Eye Balm – Increase collagen and elastin production, lifting effect,



Neck Cream – Firming and tightening effect, make skin elastic to prevent permanent stretchmark damage

Neck cream with Gammalinoleic acid – Fibre strengthening to prevent stretchmarks, contains a light sunscreen, increase bloodflow



Cell renewal gel – Strengthen broken capillaries walls

Pigmentation gel – Helps to even out skin tone and complexion



Day Cream for combination skin – Moisturize, nourishing, protecting (Combination skin)

Day Gel - Moisturize, nourishing, protecting (Oily skin)

Day cream for Dry skin - Moisturize, nourishing, protecting (Dry skin)



Night cream for combination skin – Extra Nourishment for skin, Increase bloodflow (For combination skin)

Night gel for oily skin - Extra Nourishment for skin, Increase bloodflow (For oily skin)

Night cream for Dry skin - Extra Nourishment for skin, Increase bloodflow (For dry skin)



Sunscreen – Sunscreen with 3 UVA and UVB blockers

Bump control gel – Dries out pimples, natural disinfectant, sooth inflammation

Sebum control gel – Controls and regulates sebum secretion

Conditioning honey serum – Nourish, sooth, natural anti - biotic, can help with eczema outbreaks



Face wash – Gentle face wash with natural foaming properties to remove oily residue on skin without drying out

Mask – Sooth inflammation caused by excess skin breakouts, removes impurities, controls bacteria infestations

Serum – sooth inflamed areas, controls excess sebum production,



Mask: Minimise and tighten pores, purifies, nourishing

Cell renewal serum – Streghten vein walls, increase cell renewal rate, nourish and moisturize, sooth sensitive areas

Collagen serum – Tighten skin fibres, stimulates collagen production, provide extra nourishment

Day/Night Cream – Stimulates blood flow, skin tightening,Moisturize and protect skin



Body wash – Gently cleanse your skin without drying out skin

Foam Bath –Foam bath to revitalize the body

Sugar scrub – Gently exfoliates  while intensly moisturizing skin

Body butter – Rich moisturizing 

Shampoo - Deep cleansing and moisturishing shampoo

Insect Repellent Body Lotion - Moisturising Body Lotion with natural insect repellent properties

Insect Repellent Body Wash - Gentle bodywash with natural insect repellent properties

Insect Repellent Bug Spray - Natural bug spray that can be applied to skin, clothes and other surfaces

Insect Repellent Glycerine soap - Non drying soap with insect repellent properties

Self Tanning Lotion Light/Dark - Self tanning lotion that gradually gives skin a light to dark tan

Sting eeze - Provides relieve from insect bites and stings

Menstru eeze - Provides pain relive associated with menstrual cramp ( External Use)

Sinus Eeze Pillow Spray - Provides temporary relieve from blocked nose and sinus symptoms

Beard Oil - Hydrating and soothing to the skin and tame and soften beard hair

Beard Balm - Deep moisturising beard balm to keep beard soft and sooth skin

Shave oil - Gentle Shaving oil that hydrates your skin

Beard Wash - Gentle beard wash 

Baby Bum Cream

Baby Lotion

Bath Salts 

Under arm Roll on 

Massage oil



Body Wash

Body Lotion


Room Spray

Body Butter

Sugar Scrub



Traditional Products:

Zebra ointment: Help with scrapes, itches, Cold sores, Chapped lips, Ezcema, Psoriasis, Insect Bites, Burns, Ringworm, Spider bites, Bee stings, Ingrown hair, Cuts, etc

Pink Mask

Black soap 




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