Elephant & Zebra 2 in 1 Elephant is hand and body product that was developed to keep all areas incl. hands, heels and elbows silky soft as well as feeling moisturized and relaxed. This product is natural and contains 6 Natural reactive pla

Deep Muscle Ice Rub   Deep muscle ice rub is designed to provide fast temporary relief of pain associated with muscular aches, backache and arthritis. Contains 7 natural plant extracts that works by reducing inflammation and by

Insect Repellent Bug spray Insect repellent Bug spray is a mild but highly effective bug spray with a natural insect repellent. It is DEET free. It has no overpowering odour and can be used on the body, clothing and bedding. Use in conjunction

Menstru-Eeze This unique product is essential for any women who ever suffered from painful menstrual cramps. With a clever combination of ingredients, it helps to ease tummy and back pain associated with menstrual cramps. Relieve will be felt
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